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Collaboration and innovation in preventing serious violence.

Over 160 people attended our Partnership Conference on the 27 June 2024.

Stakeholders from organisations focused on preventing serious violence learnt more about our interventions, data sharing and collaborations with key partners. Links to the presentations and videos are featured at the end of this blog.

Expert Insights

Our keynote speakers covered a wide range of important topics. From understanding the specific needs of our communities to exploring innovative approaches like hotspot policing and 'Clear. Hold. Build.', the presentations offered valuable insights. We also heard from guest speakers at the University of Hull, who shared their mid-point evaluation findings and delved into the emergence and prevention of youth violence.

Youth Engagement

It was fantastic to hear about activities that have really engaged with young people in the region. Whether it’s learning the ropes with City of Hull Boxing Club or developing social skills with Barnardo’s WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan), impactful projects can help steer young people towards positive choices.

Engaging Education presented their programme focused on healthy relationships, ‘Anyone. Anywhere.’ This collaborative project highlights the importance of co-creation with students and teachers and we can’t wait for its launch.

The video from our Hope Hack project had an incredibly positive response. A Hope Hack is a workshop that gives 15-25-year-olds the chance to voice their thoughts on issues that affect them, their lives and their communities. You can watch the powerful films on our Hope Hack project page.

Next Steps

In the closing workshop the audience discussed questions on violence prevention, such as how we can all work better together to identify those at risk of harm. These responses will inform our future campaigns and projects.

With collaboration and innovative ideas, we can help build safer communities for everyone.

Presentations from the Conference

Access the slides and content from the Partnership Conference by clicking on the links below.

Videos from the Conference

City of Hull Boxing Club (Mike Gibbons, Chairman of City of Hull Sport & Community Group CIC):

The Surveillance of Assailants: Researching Serious Violence in the UK (Professor Iain Brennan, University of Hull):

Knife Crime Awareness Campaign (Trailer):

Hope Hack - Abridged Discussion:

All videos from the Hope Hack workshop - including the full-length film - are available to watch on our YouTube channel.

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