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On Thursday 16th of November, we published our full Response Strategy, after taking into account all of the views we have heard. This will contain a more detailed set of objectives and multi-year actions, as well as details of how we will report on progress, review, and evaluate the strategy.

It sets out, based on our work to date: 

  • What we know so far about serious violence in the Humber area
  • What we think we should focus on and why
  • How we will work through a public health approach
  • What we are proposing to do, including the actions already committed to for 2023/24

We want to use this document to start a broad conversation about how we prevent and reduce serious violence across the Humber area. We want to know if the priorities we have developed are the right ones and to hear ideas about how we can work with organisations and communities to deliver them.

To view the Response Strategy, please click here. 

This document is the Humber-wide Delivery Plan for preventing serious violence for 2023-24. It summarises the additional multiagency actions being taken at the Humber level (i.e. across multiple local authority areas) to implement the Humber Response Strategy this year.

This Delivery Plan should be read in conjunction with the local delivery plans for East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull, North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire, which are led by the respective Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs), as well as individual organisations’ plans.

To view the Delivery Plan, please click here.

Coming soon

The Humber Violence Prevention Partnership (VPP) is a Violence Reduction Unit (VRU) funded by the Home Office to lead and co-ordinate the local response to serious violence, using an evidence-based whole-system or “public health” approach.

One of the Home Office’s primary expectations of VRUs is that they improve data sharing between partners in order to gain new insights and a more complete understanding of the drivers of serious violence and improve the targeting of support. Data sharing will also support the evaluation of the VPP’s interventions to maximise impact.

All people working in the Humber VPP – whether in the core team or in our partner organisations – need information every day in order to do their jobs. This strategy is for everyone involved in the VPP’s work and it outlines what we need to do to manage our information better.

To read our Information Management Strategy, click here.

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