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20240507 Strategy
20240507 Hull HH

The Humber Violence Prevention Partnership (VPP) is a Home Office-funded unit that leads and coordinates the local response to serious violence through a public health approach. Established in 2022, the Humber VPP is one of 20 Violence Reduction Units operating in England and Wales. 

In our second year, we have strengthened our partnership arrangements and completed a Strategic Needs Assessment to enhance our understanding of serious violence in the Humber. 

We have also developed and approved our Response Strategy for 2023-25. Throughout 2023-24, the VPP commissioned 14 interventions to prevent violence, including sports programs, youth outreach initiatives, social skills training, relationship violence prevention lessons, A&E Navigators, and educational resources. These interventions have reached over 1500 children and young people in the Humber. 

Working with the University of Hull, we have created a Theory of Change and are developing an evaluation framework for our 2022-25 program.

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