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Yvette Mc Cormick

Yvette McCormick - East Riding of Yorkshire

As the Violence Prevention Officer for the East Riding of Yorkshire, I am responsible for developing and managing long and short-term projects across partnerships and agencies to contribute to the implementation of strategies to prevent and reduce serious violence.

Our current priorities for the East Riding are:

  • Preventing Violence Against Women and Girls
  • Creating a Safer Night-time Economy
  • Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour as a Precursor to Serious Violence
  • Preventing Serious Youth Violence in Under 25s
  • Adopting a Community Approach to Mitigate Against Organised Crime

We are continually developing place-based strategies to address each of our priorities and liaising with partners on a multi-agency level. The strategies developed will contribute to the wider goals of the Humber Violence Prevention Partnership and meet the needs of the Serious Violence Duty.

Brandon Fuller Grey Background

Brandon Fuller - Hull

After growing up in Hull and spending nearly a decade serving as a Police Sergeant in our community, I have now taken on a joint role as Hull's Violence Prevention Officer. I will be working passionately and tirelessly to make our communities safer by reducing serious violence within Hull.

Having lived and worked in Hull for most of my life, I feel I am in a position to represent the thoughts and feelings of others who also live and work in the city. My focus is on prevention and stopping issues before they arise, as well as offering everyone help and support to have the strength to pull themselves away from serious violence either as victims or offenders.

I will be using data and information from all partner agencies to evidence where areas can be improved and to make sure the right services are in place. It is vital that we take a trauma-informed approach to prevention, focusing on listening to those that have experienced serious violence as well as those people - particularly young persons - living in our communities to ensure we are doing what is right for each area.

I intend to hold all of our partners to account and make sure that we are working as closely as possible to deliver the absolute best service to the community that we can.

Our current focus areas are:

  • Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG)
  • Evening and Night-time Economy (ENTE)
  • Weapons
  • Youth – Prevention and Diversion


Kathy Cairns

Kathy Cairns - North Lincolnshire

I joined the North Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership on the 1st February 2023 on secondment from Ongo Homes. I worked there for over 15 years as a Housing Officer and more recently as a Community Resolution Officer. This included providing support for victims of Anti-Social Behaviour and taking enforcement action through the Civil Court process where necessary. The work was predominantly estate based where I worked closely with our partners in Humberside Police, Safer Neighbourhoods and local communities.

Since I started the role of Violence Reduction Officer I have been using my knowledge and the great partnership networks in North Lincolnshire to build on work already happening across the area, replicating best practice and identifying any emerging gaps and themes. My key priorities have been increasing awareness of Violence Against Women and Girls, Violence in the Night-time Economy and looking at engagement opportunities within our communities to see where we can help build upon existing strengths.


Graham Rodger Grey Background

Graham Rodger - North East Lincolnshire

Following on from the great work of Steven Lynn, I am delighted to take up the role of Violent Crime Prevention Co-ordinator including working across North East Lincolnshire.

Having worked across the community-wide spectrum within North East Lincolnshire for nearly 20 years, I am looking forward to supporting our community to be a more positive and safer environment to live and work in.

My role includes working closely with other agencies within the Community Safety Partnership and Violence Prevention Partnership to make North East Lincolnshire a safer community by supporting diversionary, educational and intervention opportunities as and when required in a timely manner.

As a well-formed team we will include the Fair Play initiative and Night-time Economy amongst others, to assist in the reduction of serious violence with the overall duty of making North East Lincolnshire a safer and friendlier place to live.


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