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Yvette Mc Cormick

Yvette McCormick - East Riding of Yorkshire

As the Violence Prevention Officer for the East Riding of Yorkshire, I am responsible for developing and managing long and short-term projects, across partnerships and agencies, to contribute to the implementation of strategies to prevent and reduce serious violence.

Our current priorities for the East Riding are Violence Against Women and Girls and the Night Time Economy, Youth in the community, Organised Crime, and Anti-Social Behaviour as a precursor to serious violence. I am currently in the process of developing place-based strategies to address each of our priorities and liaising with partners on a multi-agency level. The strategies developed will contribute to the wider goals of the Humber Violence Prevention Partnership and meet the needs of the Serious Violence Duty.

Rachel Brocklesby

Rachel Brocklesby - Hull

As the Violence Prevention Officer for Hull, I feel my role is to be a visible person within the Hull Community. I will be working on primary, secondary and tertiary preventions. Primary is about preventing the problem occurring in the first place. Secondary is intervening early when the problem starts to emerge to prevent it becoming established. Tertiary is making sure an ongoing problem is well managed to avoid crises and reduce its harmful consequences. I will be working in a multi-agency manner in order to tackle violence and therefore will spend some time linking up varying agencies, charities and organisation to work more cohesively together. I will be utilising data and evidence to ensure im following what is occurring in the community via hotspot mapping. Trauma informed is also an important approach within Hull – following practices that enable practitioners to understand how trauma can negatively impact on individuals and their ability to feel safe. An awareness of the use of language will be a golden thread throughout my work as I try to ensure there is no victim blaming.

Hull’s current priorities are;

1. Evening and Night Time Economy (ENTE)

2. Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)

3. Weapons (focusing on Knives)

4. Youth – Prevention and Diversion

5. Serious Violence

I am currently in the process of developing relevant action plans for the above 5 focus areas as well as networking to ensure I am featuring the voice of the community throughout the work. The strategies developed will contribute to the wider goals of the Humber Violence Prevention Partnership and meet the needs of the Serious Violence Duty.


Kathy Cairns

Kathy Cairns - North Lincolnshire

I joined the North Lincolnshire Community Safety Partnership on 1st February 2023 on secondment from Ongo Homes. I worked there for over 15 years as a Housing Officer and more recently as a Community Resolution Officer. This included providing support for victims of Anti-Social Behaviour and taking enforcement action through the Civil Court process where necessary. The work was predominantly estate based where I worked closely with our partners in Humberside Police, Safer Neighbourhoods and local Communities.

Since I started the role of Violence Reduction Officer I have been using my knowledge and the great partnership networks in North Lincs to build on work already happening across the area, replicating best practice and identifying any emerging gaps and themes. My key priorities have been increasing awareness of Violence Against Women and Girls, Violence in the Night Time Economy and looking an engagement opportunities within our communities to see where we can help build upon existing strengths.


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