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The Humber VPP is working with Engaging Education to support the development of a programme of education on Relationship Violence Prevention. The programme will be co-produced and tested in the first instance with pupils and staff of (at least) four secondary schools across the Humber.

The Youth Endowment Fund toolkit describes relationship violence prevention as activities that aim to reduce violence between children and young people in intimate and partner relationships. Dating and relationship violence includes all forms of violence and abuse, including emotional, physical, and sexual violence, psychological abuse, stalking, and harassment. It differs from domestic abuse, which in the UK has a lower age limit of 16 and can include family relationships and carers. 

The Project will include the following:

1) Animated series ‘The importance of healthy relationships’ (incorporating film) differentiated for stakeholders

2) Downloadable posters (electronic/printed) highlighting misogyny, misandry, empathy, real-world influences, spotting the signs of unhealthy relationships and signposting to help

3) On-demand resources and CPD toolkit containing lesson plans, staff guidance, instructional films and materials (e.g., PPT’s, printable, digital resources and extension tasks) for student-facing activities.

4) Facilitation support and sustainable delivery for staff and governors

5) Dedicated training for Governors and regular school volunteers, highlighting the pyramid of consequence; placing emphasis on how ‘minor’ interactions contribute to the negative output; ‘expectations and attitudes > language > media and structures = violence'.

6) Robust and interactive lesson and activity resources, differentiated for key stages, incorporating the core messaging and content outlined above.

7) Marcomms kit

8) Concise digital resource, incorporating film clips, animation and interactivity for parents and carers to ‘walk through’ (with or without their child). Divided into short, manageable modules, it will explore a range of key topics, including understanding and identifying unhealthy relationships, forms of domestic abuse, misogyny, coercive and controlling behaviours.

9) Final report (measuring behavioural change)

A whole school approach will be taken, involving all parts of the school working together and being committed, creating a partnership between senior leaders, teachers and all school staff, students, parents, carers and the wider community.

The programme will be developed and designed with sustainability in mind, encouraging schools to grow and own a continuous process of reflection and improvement in order that delivery can continue after the funded intervention is complete.

In turn, the schools involved in the pilot will be able to support other schools, colleagues and peers to rollout the programme in their own schools.

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Funding Value
VPP £47,250
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