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Quick Summary

The funding from the Humber VPP  is being used to increase capacity for youth outreach, proactively engaging with young people where they are gathered and signposting them to support and activities as appropriate.

This intervention is split into 2 functions, firstly a youth related ASB coordinator and secondly North East Lincolnshire youth outreach provision, covering all wards of NEL. 

The funding has enabled the recruitment of an ASB coordinator, this a permanent post within Young and Safe. 

The youth related ASB coordinator supports the minimisation of youth related ASB in the borough, especially within parks and open spaces. This enables assistance to be provided with the reduction of the escalation of these gatherings to public order and events of serious youth violence. The youth related ASB coordinator sits within the NELC ASB team and the targeted youth engagement team, to ensure a connection between prevent and support and catch and convict. This post also oversees the Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) process, now linked to Turnaround through the Ministry of Justice. 

The youth outreach provision is targeted youth engagement / outreach. This takes place over 4 evenings per week and includes joint partnership activity on Friday and Saturday evenings under NELC operation Python and Priam. The targeted youth outreach further supports the youth related ASB coordinator as a resource for deployment at evenings or weekends to minimise the threat, risk and harm to the borough in youth related ASB. 

Funding Value
VPP Grant 22/23 £77,773.00
VPP Grant 23/24 £24649.65
VPP Grant 24/25 £39,079.00
VPP Grant 24/25 (A&E Navigators) £8,808.33
SVD Grant 23/24 £8,585.17
SVD Grant 24/25 £4,354.32

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