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Quick Summary

This project aims to place a broader youth outreach work presence within targeted communities. The team will benefit from enhanced training in participatory appraisal and the new Child Criminal Exploitation delivery package and VR equipment in partnership with Doncaster Council.

Initially the work will take place in the Orchard Park and Bilton Grange areas of the city. It will support other interactions and community initiatives such as the launch event for the Film ‘The Left Behind’. The youth work team will develop local relationships of trust which will enable them to support young people to make lasting change and divert them from risky behaviours and exploitation.

The youth workers will deliver work across after school times , evenings, weekends and holiday periods, mostly to groups of young people but with the ability to undertake one to one work with individuals self-referred or referred for help and support. The delivery will be creative and will be linked to on-going dialogue with young people.

The delivery within the project is as follows;

  • Outreach with a small youth work team , fixed and mobile areas in order to help develop trusted relationships.
  • Initial additional hours of commissioned Reachout team (delivered by Cornerhouse) - street based and outreach work.
  • Creative activities and voice work – to include the film launch event jointly funded by YO and Non-Sport Diversion (10th March 2023)
  • To undertake voice and influence work using participatory appraisal techniques, creative music and lyrics project (s) as a vehicle of expression.
  • CCE programme purchase including VR and training (Doncaster Council, Epic) - children and staff will be able to have immersive learning and training experience on such topics as Child Criminal Exploitation (safeguarding issues). Making use of learning booklets, interactive materials and the virtual reality (VR) film(s) and headsets. Development of early intervention workshops using this new resource.

Youth Activity Fund where young people can choose activities of their choice and explore the possibility of social action.

This project is being delivered by Hull City Councils Youth Outreach Team, you can contact the team on :


Tel: 01482 331228

Funding Value
VPP Grant Funding 22/23 £59,226.00
VPP Grant Funding 23/24 £42,911.37
VPP Grant Funding 24/25 £78,159.60
SVD Grant Funding 23/24 £8,585.20
SVD Grant Funding 24/25 £4,642.58

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