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Quick Summary

The 'Stay Onside' project will work with young people aged 8-25 years who have been identified through partner organisations (including those identified and referred through the Humber VPP A&E Navigators pilot) and across Tigers Trust provision who are in need of additional support or services due to their identified at-risk factors.

The project will deliver one-to-one and small group work sessions. Staff will initially focus on building on existing positive relationships and developing new relationships with participants who are referred into the programme via connections with a range of external partners. These sessions will be delivered in an environment in which young people feel comfortable in such as local youth centres/youth friendly zones, schools, within young people's homes, and at other Tigers Trust provision.

In the case of the A&E Navigators programme, staff will work with partners during the pilot phase (Jan to March 2024) to develop the A&E Navigator service, identifying referral mechanisms and pathways from clinical teams in A&E through to provision of one-to-one ‘navigator’ support to young people, who have recently presented in A&E with violence-related injuries.

The sessions will be delivered within both a sports/activity and mentoring environment in order to support and educate young people about the risks of getting involved in criminal activity and helping young people to make better informed choices about their futures. The project will use educational workshops via existing Tigers Trust resources and resources from Not In Our Community, this will be via 1-to-1 support and in small group work to ensure the work completed is delivered in a targeted and intense environment.

The Tigers Trust understand that not all participants are the same and therefore a 'one size fits all' programme will not work.

Support will be provided on a case-by-case basis with the aim of navigating young people into other Tigers Trust, VPP and other relevant local provision to further provide support, integrate them into their local community with other peers their ages and further fill their time with positive activities.

The project will support all areas of Hull – particular target areas including HU3, HU4, HU6, HU7, HU9 where they know, from their experience of delivering work of this nature, that there is a significant need.

In the case of supporting those young people referred from the A&E Navigator pilot programme, it is recognised that these individuals may live outside of the areas identified above. In these cases, they will work with the young people and neighbouring local authority area partners (anticipated to be mostly East Yorkshire) to provide appropriate navigator support.

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Funding Value
VPP (Grant) £34,273.50
Match (Cash) £5,000.00
Match (In -Kind) £3,360.00

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