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Supporting the delivery of three Sports Programmes, including Football, Martial Arts and Motorsport.

TWIN TIGERS Universally available Martial Arts session, open to all young people:

This project will run in the Town ward of Scunthorpe North. This ward is currently a magnet and draws young people due to its proximity to shops, main transport hubs and a local cinema. This ward has the second highest persistent Secondary school absence within the Scunthorpe wards. It is the ward with the highest BAME population, some of whom have lived in the ward for a long time and others newly settled. Due to this the ward experiences a range of anti-social behaviour from both adults and young people as cultures try and find a way to live together

• Groups of 15 per session.

• Age range 14-18

• 5 weeks delivery

• Using Martial Arts as skills for life and self-discipline.

• Targeted and open to NEETs.

ON TARGET Football in association with Scunthorpe United/Crosby United

A football session to be run by Scunthorpe United in the Scunthorpe North area. The session will run once a week. It will be additional to the On Target sessions already run by Scunthorpe United.

Additional to this a Junior Football Leaders course will be run. Once trained the Junior Football Leaders, with Scunthorpe United staff, will host a Football Tournament.

• 19 weekly sessions of 1.5 hrs for 50 young people aged 10 to 14

• Universally available sessions

ACT FAST Motorbikes project:

The continued use and occurrences of antisocial and criminal use of motorcycles by small numbers of young people across North Lincolnshire continues to be identified through our proactive partnership scanning and analysis work, with illegal motorcycle use being seen to enable wider offending activities including violence, the supply of controlled drugs, and theft offences.

The Bikes project is a bespoke approach, to be delivered in the autumn to a targeted cohort identified through Op Yellowfin/TTCG/ASB Panel and MACE.

This project offers the opportunity for participation in positive activity, bike mechanics, restoration, whilst learning how to ride safely and incorporate direct interventions to reduce the risk of further offending.

The above projects are being delivered by North Lincolnshire Council, for more information please contact:

E-mail :

Tel: 01724 298549

Funding Value
VPP £30,800
Match (Cash) £1,000

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