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Quick Summary

The Hull CC pre-court diversion project aims to divert children from the formal Youth Justice System by engaging them at the earliest opportunity to identify needs which may have contributed to their behaviour and to explore the consequences of offending or dangerous behaviour. Using a strength based approach, they will look to further develop positive attributes of a child and their life and develop thinking around the dangers and consequences of offending and well as personal growth.

Delivering pre-court interventions to support young people away from the formal youth justice system. As part of the pre-court diversion works a Youth Engagement Practitioner (Youth Justice) will be funded to provide young people with assessed needs led support, act as a ‘lead worker’ and ensure access to further interventions, opportunities and more specialist support were appropriate.

Working in the broader context of our Early Help and Youth Offer 11-19, they will help to ensure young people offending or at risk of offending have the right support at the right time.

In addition to Hull Youth Justice support/interventions access to other support may include:

• Locality based Youth Offer

• Targeted youth development service support

• Emotional Resilience Coaching

• Early Help Family Support (Whole Family approach)

• Substance misuse screening, early support and treatment

• Parenting support/programmes

• Mentoring

Pre-court diversion is directly connected to our VRU Youth Outreach programme, Youth Development service deployment of youth workers to community and street-based engagement which links with the

This project is being delivered by Hull City Councils Youth Justice Service, you can contact the Hull Youth Justice Service on :



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