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Quick Summary

The Humber VPP funding has enabled East Riding of Yorkshire Council to fund a job role as part of the pre-court diversion work within the Youth Justice System to reduce offending, support victims and keep communities safe.

The role includes ensuring victim views are gained when a child commits an offence in order to understand how the victim was impacted and what support they may need going forward. The victims have an opportunity to understand how a child is progressing with their intervention whilst working with the youth justice service.

This role means that they can offer children who are diverted away from the criminal justice system an opportunity to engage in restorative justice with the victim and repair any harm caused. This may be through direct reparation, letters of explanation or meeting the victim face to face. All these options help to ensure a child understands how they have impacted others, which may help to reduce reoffending.

The funded post also includes putting victim safety plans in place to reduce future harm to the victim and communities, this may mean the child who offended may be unable to contact the victim or be in a certain area in order to reduce the likelihood of reoffending.

One project has cantered around allotment development. Children attended the allotment and transformed it from an overgrown plot to an area where fruit and vegetables can be grown. Another project was Noise Academy, which allowed children to learn how to use the Logic Pro X software along with other music related skills.

This project is being delivered by East Riding of Yorkshire Councils Youth Offending Team, you can contact the team on :


Funding Value
VPP Grant £11,657

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