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Quick Summary

Marfleet Champions is an innovative early intervention strategy designed to impact risk taking behaviour in the local area through the use of sports engagement.

The project will take place for two evenings per week for three hours per session for 42 weeks. These sessions will be for three hours each.

The project will engage with young people who often have already been involved in petty crime and gang culture.

The youngsters will participate in a wide range of sporting activities circuit training and boxing. They will have an opportunity to pursue individual sporting keep/fit activities but will be encouraged to engage in team activities, designed to not only improve their physical fitness but to develop team-building skills and confidence in their own abilities.

With staff support they will be able to develop at their own pace until they feel confident in engaging in group activities. By learning to be part of a team, they will appreciate the needs of others as well as developing their own skills.

Given the problems faced by many of the youngsters we expect that a number will simply observe at the start and then, with support, begin to participate. The team activities are also designed to build friendships amongst the group as the young people often lack confidence, are withdrawn and do not find it easy to build meaningful relationships. The project is focused on breaking down barriers to achievement. Through engaging in team activities and having a specific role within the team they will learn the importance of depending on other people.

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This project is being delivered by the Local Works Ltd, click below to find our more:


Facebook: localworkshull

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Tel: 07794 148592

Funding Value
VPP Grant 22/23 £1,705.00
VPP Grant 23/24 £7,980.00
VPP Grant 24/25 £6,025.00
CSF Grant 23/24 £1,705.00
CSF Grant 24/25 £7,980.00
Match £3,965.00

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