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Quick Summary

Marfleet Champions is an innovative early intervention strategy designed to impact risk taking behaviour in the local area through the use of sports engagement.

It became clear during Lockdown that the young people Local Works provided courses for were very vulnerable, as they were not attending any sessions and had lost a focus in their lives. There was a real possibility that they would engage in risk taking behaviour.

Once activities returned to some normality it became clear that their current offer of engaging with the young people during the day, on the structured course, was not sufficient and did not provide the support and guidance that was needed.

The Marfleet Champions programme allows Local Works to provide continuing support by organising an additional evening session per week, of two hours duration, for 22 weeks. As part of the programme, participants are offered a wide range of sporting activities designed to improve their confidence and self-esteem.

Young people engage in 5 a side soccer, dodge ball and Zorb balls. By engaging in team activities, they learn how to have concern for others and play a team role. They are encouraged to relate to others and develop friendships so that their lives are not so isolated, as they often are.

The project is designed to raise confidence levels and self-esteem and to widen participants horizons, with a view to undertaking further training.

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Tel: 07794 148592

Funding Value
VPP £1,705
Match (Cash) £375

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