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Quick Summary

'Onside' is an early intervention approach focused on empowering young peoples (ages 14-17) who have been involved in criminal activity to develop their prosocial identity. Its delivery model is inspired by the 'Five Ways to Wellbeing', encompassing activities that empower self-identity, resilience, skills, and positive attitude. 

Led by youth coaches with understanding of trauma informed practice and adverse childhood experiences, 1-2-1 befriending activities will entail personalised provision delivered in spaces that are comfortable to the young person that aim to build trust, confidence, and a plan of action for achieving personal goals. 

Two weekly ninety-minute 'Hub' sessions will be delivered on an evening from Hull FC facilities, incorporating short skill-based activities that promote prosocial attitudes and behaviours. 

Participants will learn to manage conflict, adopt strategies to manage their mental health and be more resilient, and acquire life skills e.g. cooking and money management, that support independence and self-efficacy. 

The Onside provision will operate alongside the Foundation's Play to Potential programme. 

Funding Value
VPP Grant £22,390
Match (Cash) £960
Match (In-Kind) £4,600

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