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Quick Summary

Building from the need to increase protective mechanisms around our children and young people (CYP), the Humber VPP has provided a partnership contribution to the Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership to create a series of campaign materials designed with and for CYP centred around ‘The Conversation’.

The aim of this campaign is to encourage children and young people to seek support for their mental health through having ‘the conversation’ with a trusted adult, finding ways to support them in challenging times or crisis and knowing how and where to access additional support and help.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage CYP that it’s healthy to talk about mental health issues, worries or concerns and the importance of identifying a trusted adult in order to do so.

This could be trusted adults in school, in their communities or within their families.

Links to national support from Young Minds and Childline will be provided as these have been identified by CYP as trusted sources and offer support 24/7.

In addition, the partnership have been tasked with creating an e-learning package aimed at adults in organisations who engage with CYP e.g., schools, youth services, VCS etc, to include guidance on how to support CYP who wish to engage on mental health issues, how to help and where additional mental health support for CYP can be accessed whilst ensuring the safety of all involved.

The intervention will see young people co -produce a CYP focussed mixed media campaign, designed to engage the attention of children and young people, encouraging them to access help and support when needed. The Young people will also assist in identifying appropriate sites/settings for the campaign.

Campaign materials will be inclusive and representative across a full demographic range with age-appropriate language and images, including consideration of local place-based images and seasonal themes e.g., summer holidays, Christmas, in school.

Mixed media may include:

  • large billboards
  • digital screens
  • social media content
  • posters
  • e-mail signatures etc

A guide to supporting CYP with accessing mental health provision will be produced and promoted. This will focus on the practicalities of how to talk about a potentially sensitive topics, with safe boundaries for disclosure and support to navigate the system and access existing helplines, websites and local services.

The guide will be jargon-free, aimed at the general public and easily accessible by those trusted adults who may encounter young people in need of support, for example, Scout leaders, school support staff, youth workers, neighbours etc.

A short (30-60 minutes) e-learning training package will be developed to support, enable and encourage adults to have ‘the conversation’ with CYP.

The e-learning package will be compatible with/embedded in the Humber VPP website and will be optimised for use on mobile phones and devices.

This project is being delivered by the Mental Health, Learning Disability and Autism Collaborative, on behalf of the Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.

Funding Value
VPP Grant £29,000

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