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Following the success of the NLC On Target programme, further funding has been made available to support the delivery of the North Lincolnshire, football, sports project in Crosby for a further 12 months. This will run from 1st April 2023 - 31st March 2024.

Football sessions ran by Scunthorpe United in the Scunthorpe North area are being run once a week. The project provides the opportunity for young people to partake in a Junior Football Leaders course. Once trained the Junior Football Leaders, with Scunthorpe United staff, will be able to utilise their skills host a Football Tournament.

The sessions will run once a week, each Tuesday evening.

There will be 2x universally available sessions - one to target 10-14 years 6pm-7pm and one to target 15-17 years 7pm-8pm.

The above project is being delivered by the Iron Foundation, for more information please contact:

E-mail :

Tel: 01724 298549

Crosby Kicks Session
Funding Value
VPP Grant 22/23 (to NLC) £7,440.00
VPP Grant 24/25 £3,840.00

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