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The Humber Violence Prevention Partnership (VPP) and the Humber Learning Consortium (HLC) have collaborated to conduct a research study, delving into the experiences and perspectives of young people regarding violence in the Humber Region.

This initiative aimed to gather valuable insights from a diverse range of young individuals residing in the top hotspots for serious violence and criminal activity across the Humber region.

The study utilised a series of focus groups and individual semi-structured interviews to examine young people's feelings of safety, their perceptions of their local communities, and their hopes and fears for the future.

Speaking about the study, the VPP’s Campaigns and Communications Officer Olly Burdett said: “By engaging directly with young people, the VPP aims to ensure that their voices are heard and their perspectives are considered when we develop strategies to prevent violence and enhance the safety and wellbeing of communities throughout the Humber region.”

The research involved 40 participants aged between 11 and 25, who took part in ten focus groups held throughout the region. Additionally, two individual interviews were conducted with young people involved in carrying weapons.

The primary objective of this research was to develop a more nuanced understanding of the realities faced by young people living in various parts of the Humber region. Recognising that each place and individual is unique, the study sought to explore the following areas:

  • How safe young people feel and why.
  • Young people's attitudes towards their local areas and communities, including the support networks, activities, and facilities available to them.
  • Their aspirations, fears, and desires for change in their lives and surroundings.
  • Insights into how the VPP can effectively represent the views of young people in the future.
  • Suggestions from young participants on improvements that could be made to enhance their feelings of safety.
  • Assessment of facilities, groups, and positive activities in their local areas, along with recommendations for potential interventions.

Speaking about the research study, HLC’s MIS and Evaluation Officer Norman Richards said: “Humber Learning Consortium (HLC) has been pleased to be able to support the work of the VPP, because qualitative research of this type is vital in developing an understanding of the experiences of young people in the Humber region and to gain insights into the challenges they face in their daily lives."

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