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The Hope Hacks in Humberside were organised by the Humberside Violence Prevention Partnership (Humber VPP) to provide young people with a platform to discuss their views on creating a fairer and safer society. The events, held in Bridlington, Grimsby, Hull, and Scunthorpe, aimed to gather insights from young people on key issues affecting their communities and solutions that could drive long-lasting change.

The Hope Collective, an organisation formed to support the campaign for Damilola Taylor, designed Hope Hacks to create real change in the UK's most vulnerable communities. These events aim to give young people the opportunity to collaborate and generate solutions to key issues in their communities. The ideas and solutions from these Hope Hacks are then incorporated into a national report to drive long-lasting change and inform decision-making and policy.

The agenda for each Hope Hack included a series of workshops where young people discussed topics such as mental health & wellbeing, community safety, youth voice and influence, diverse experiences, sports and activities, life skills, and aspirations and opportunities. Guest speakers, including representatives from various organizations, facilitated discussions and provided guidance to the groups. The structure of the events allowed for open dialogue and creative expression, culminating in group presentations of ideas and solutions.

The discussions during the events revealed common themes across all four areas. Participants highlighted the need for better preparation for adulthood, creating safe spaces, promoting inclusion and empowerment of diverse experiences, and enhancing education to support aspirations and opportunities. Young people expressed concerns about the lack of financial and life skills education, the need for safer environments, the importance of having a voice in decision-making processes, and the challenges faced due to stereotypes and societal pressures.

Analysis of the qualitative data showed that young people felt more positive and confident by the end of the events, particularly in areas such as community safety and mental health & wellbeing. The participants emphasised the importance of education, support systems, and inclusive spaces to address the issues they face. The feedback and ideas generated during the Hope Hacks provided valuable insights for the Humber VPP to inform their future work and initiatives in violence prevention and community support.

The Hope Hacks in Humberside were instrumental in providing a platform for young people to share their views, experiences, and ideas for creating positive change in their communities. The events facilitated meaningful discussions and generated valuable insights that will guide future actions and initiatives by the Humber VPP. By empowering young people to voice their concerns and co-create solutions, the Hope Hacks have laid the foundation for a more inclusive and responsive approach to addressing the needs of vulnerable communities in Humberside.

The findings from the Hope Hacks will be shared with local schools, colleges, PRUs, and community groups to raise awareness and stimulate further discussions on these important topics. The VPP plans to continue engaging with young people to co-produce an audio-visual version of the report, aiming to amplify the voices and perspectives of the youth in shaping a more equitable and supportive society.

The full reports which can be found on the VPP website delve into the qualitative findings from the events and highlight the impact they had on the participating young people.

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