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The Education Partnership, a collaborative initiative uniting partners from the Humber region, has officially been launched to enhance crime education for young people.

This partnership brings together stakeholders from the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Humberside Police, Humberside Fire and Rescue, Safeguarding and Children’s Services leads from the 4 local authorities, Safer Roads Humber, and a network of partners in safeguarding, education, and early intervention.

The new website ( contains access to a range of content, such as local crime data, educational resources and support services for parents, teachers and professionals working with young people.

With a primary focus on Connection, Coordination, and Communication, The Education Partnership aims to improve and strengthen the landscape of education and support for young people. The key aims of The Education Partnership include:

  • To improve the availability, accessibility and quality of education and support for young people, preventing them being impacted by crime;
  • To ensure every young person benefits from access to resources that reduces their risk of being impacted by crime;
  • To support schools and youth organisations in accessing age-appropriate resources and key safety messages for young people, encouraging them to become active thinkers and supportive bystanders to their friends within school, and the wider community;
  • To support teachers and youth engagement professionals in developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes in their children which they need in order to make positive choices in potentially challenging or dangerous situations.

Commenting on the launch, the Humberside Police and Crime Commissioner, Jonathan Evison, said, "I am committed to improving crime education for young people across the Humber region. The launch of the Education Partnership represents a crucial step towards equipping our youth with the necessary resources to navigate challenges and make informed decisions. By working in partnership, we can ensure every young person benefits from access to resources that reduce their risk of being impacted by crime."

Rachael Smith, The Education Partnership Lead, expressed her optimism for the initiative, stating, "The launch of The Education Partnership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering young individuals and safeguarding them from the impact of crime. Through collaboration with local partners, we aim to create a supportive environment where every young person can thrive and flourish."

The Humber Education Partnership Resource Portal acts as a vital information hub, directing teachers and professionals to services and resources. Through strategic partnerships, the initiative strives to ensure that every young person benefits from resources that decrease their vulnerability to crime.

The Portal showcases interactive resources and session plans for in-person delivery covering various topics like child exploitation (criminal and sexual), violence against women and girls, weapon carrying, and substance misuse. For further information, visit the Humber Education Partnership Resource Portal and join us in our mission to empower youth and enhance crime prevention education.

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