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On Monday 6th February 2023, the Humber Violence Prevention Partnership (VPP) and partner organisations were proud to host their first youth engagement event. The 'Hope Hack' involved young people creating solutions to a fairer society and safer community.

Held at the Hull Truck Theatre, over 50 young people aged 16-24 attended from local schools, colleges, youth organisations, care-leaver hubs, Pupil Referral Units and youth advisory groups. A number of partners also contributed to the event including the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Humberside, Hope Collective, National Citizen Service (NCS), The Warren Youth Project, Beats Bus, Active Humber, and the Humber and North Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership.

At the Hope Hack, we were able to capture young people's thoughts on key research, their ideas on subsequent solutions and a summary of their presentations to the wider audience. These findings have been summarised into the following report.

The VPP partnered with local youth organisation The Warren Youth Project, providing two talented young people with the opportunity to attend the Hope Hack in a media capacity.

In order to capture all aspects of the youth engagement event, the photographers were asked to develop a summary video and a series of still images.

We are also grateful for the guest speakers who attended and gave young people inspiration for their group discussions. 

Hull-raised comedian, actress and Anti-Poverty campaigner Lucy Beaumont opened the event. Through sharing stories of her life in Hull and her journey to success, and a subsequent Q&A session with the audience, Lucy encouraged attendees to have their voices heard at the event.

Local organisation Beats Bus, who encourage young people to express themselves through song-writing, break-dancing, graffiti painting and DJing knowledge, provided the audience with a post-lunch energizer. 

Feedback from young attendees:

"I'm so pleased to be here, and I feel so important."

"I was able to express ideas, talk, listen to other people’s ideas and I feel really lucky to have had this chance… at the end of the day, every group made a speech, and I was one of those who made that speech, it was an unforgettable and perfect moment for me, my self-confidence was restored and I was able to speak very well.”

“It succeeded in its goal of bringing more people together…I got to meet new people. This is good for people like me who don’t find it easy to meet new people.”

"All of the subject areas were really relevant to current study topic areas. Social skills and participation were really important skills gained from the event."

Feedback from facilitators and staff:

“Managed to engage a diverse range of young people. I loved the presentations at the end and seeing such a spectrum of young people who would probably never usually mix, all working together towards a shared goal. Absolute magic!”

"One of the best days of my career."

“Getting Beats Bus to do the energiser was a stroke of genius! It pushed people out of their comfort zone but in a really fun way, and I definitely noticed a difference in the level of contribution from the young people after that.”

Our young person "was very pleased to see that his comments were shown and proved to him the possibility of things actually happening from this session."

The feedback from attendees has confirmed that our event was both effective and engaging. It is therefore the intention of the Violence Prevention Partnership to deliver Hope Hack events across all 4 local authority areas within the period 2023-24. 

If you wish to be involved in, or support our future events, please email us at: 
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