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Rachel Brocklesby serves as the Violence Prevention Officer (VPO) for Hull, a role funded by the Humber Violence Prevention Partnership and hosted by the Hull Community Safety Partnership (Safer Hull) within Hull City Council. 

In her capacity, Rachel takes the lead in local engagement for the Humber Violence Prevention Partnership, working to connect and coordinate efforts at the community level.

Over the past few months, Rachel has been actively involved in a variety of initiatives. One notable achievement was her pivotal role in the launch of the Pubwatch scheme in Hull. This initiative saw local venues in the Evening and Night Time Economy (ENTE) commit to enhancing safety measures, promoting responsible social drinking environments, and fostering a secure evening economy in the HU1 area, encompassing the city centre and old town. This is a real partnership piece of work in which Rachel’s role is to support the venues and partners involved.

Rachel's dedication to promoting safety and awareness extends to her involvement in the Violence Against Women and Girls Independent Advisory Group. Here, she spearheaded discussions on personal safety apps, encouraging dialogue and reflection on enhancing safety measures.

Additionally, Rachel chairs the Student Social Safety Group at the University of Hull, where she leads monthly meetings focused on supporting and addressing concerns related to university student safety. These meetings also include discussions with various sub-groups to ensure a comprehensive approach to safety.

An aspect of Rachel's current work involves the delivery of the Mentors in Violence Prevention programme. This training programme on bystander intervention is conducted across Hull, encompassing schools, colleges, youth outreach and sports clubs. Mentors in Violence Prevention (MVP) empowers young people to challenge harmful attitudes, beliefs, and cultural norms that contribute to gender-based violence in society.

While Rachel's primary focus is in Hull, she takes pride in her regional reach and recently facilitated a group of young people at the Humber VPP's East Riding Hope Hack in Bridlington. Through this event, she led discussions on youth voice, emphasising the importance of empowering young individuals to have a voice in matters concerning their safety and well-being.

Rachel Brocklesby's commitment to violence prevention and safety initiatives not only in Hull but across the Humber region underscores her dedication to creating safer and more inclusive communities for all.

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