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The Humber Violence Prevention Partnership (VPP) seeks to raise awareness and understanding of existing violence prevention efforts by the voluntary and community sector.

Our partners recognise that the Humber’s identified hotspots for serious violence map to areas with the highest levels of deprivation, health inequality and the lowest levels of physical activity. In this invitation-only event, representatives from local organisations and community groups will discuss how combining funding sources targeted at these individual issues can add value and increase impact.

A key pillar of the Humber VPP's Response Strategy is community capacity and leadership. We want to encourage meaningful co-production and strengthen community capacity to respond to serious violence. The strategy recognises there are existing community plans and organisations whose work could be amplified by the wider system coming together.

The event will also cover:

  • Road-testing the Humber VPP’s Strategic Needs Assessment and exploring counter narratives.
  • Data and support available for bid writing.
  • Reciprocal data sharing within the voluntary and community sector.
  • Evaluative thinking with the Theory of Change.
  • A plan for the wider distribution of the topics covered via community networks.
  • Learning from organisations and community groups who are active in the region.

This roundtable discussion follows the strategic conversation hosted by the Humber VPP in January 2023. The event will be co-delivered by the Humber VPP, Active Humber, Community Vision and the University of Hull.

Please note that the event is invitation only.

If you have any questions about the strategic conversation or the topics mentioned above, please contact us using the link below.

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